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Beautiful cakes – love your account!

” عندما شاهدت حسابك واقترب شيئا منك استحضرت الرقي والأناقة ..بعبق الياسمين أسعد الله قلبك! “

Thanks , celebrationz_uae for my lovely order of mini flower cup cake really , it’s very nice more than 

“Gorgeous! Looks like real flowers”

“Very sweet :)”

” الروح الجميله حتى ولو لم نرى صاحبها لكننا سنشعر بها من خلال مايقدم لنا اسعد الله قلبك وحقق لك امنياتك”

حسابك انيق لأنه يحتوي على المكونات التي تعتبر رمزاً للأناقة والرقي


Hands down the best 

Always the best 😻😍😻😻😻😻😻Looking stunning and delicious 😋

I love it 😍 good luck 👍🏼 💕

Really I like it … every thing was great the colors the tast was waaaaaaw… for sure I will order again and again♥️

I have ordered cupcake from you yesterday when I delivered 😍 the cupcakes are AMAZING 😍 everyone who visited me thought these are flowers 😍 I loved loved the cupcakes they are beautiful and yummy 👅 I’ll be your customer inshallah 💘

😍 That looks amazing! 😃

It’s very nice and delicious 😋❤️

Brilliant! Like it!

Pretty perfect!

pretty and trasty cake ..big thank for you

Such a beauty to look at and taste!! Cupcake bouquets are far more sensible than real flowers !! I love how unique and creative you are with each design!! Thank you so much for this beautiful bouquet. Birthday girl was very happy 😍😘

Thank you @celebrationz_uaefor the amazing bouqet! The delicious taste of these cupcakes is just as beautiful as they are! 🌷🌷🌷

Wow great its pretty

نتمنى لكم مزيد من التقدم

best cake in world yummy

oh my lovely cupcake

حساب مميز اتمنى لك التوفيق

Its one of the best cakes that i ever had 👌🏻👌🏻

Magnificent 😃

We will have to try that!

We will have to try that!

Never lose your awesomeness!

Love this 💕💕💕

It’s amazing gift I ordered twice and I’m 100%satisfied

Amazing. Please post more!

This is awesome!, So beautiful, Beautiful peonies x, Awsome stuff!

Your page is one of the best!

Absolutely love your profile! keep it up 🙂

Can’t believe this is a cake

علابالي ورد حقيقي طلع كيك

Amazing absolutely

Thanks a lot for the great service despite the short notice .. you we’re amazing and just lovely to deal with .. will definitely be a permanent customer 🌷🌷 Thank you 💕

Very beautiful job ! 💯👌🏼👍🏼

This one is definitely nice

I have ordered from them …They so so so professional, friendly, polite and clear and as what they promised and so so punctual as they have delivered on the time they have promised …. though the location was so far …. and flowers its look like a real flowers even the person who received it thought its a flowers until i told them … the tast is amazing over all service is 120 over 100

I’ve ordered similar as this one. The presentation and the taste of the cupcakes is amazing. Definitely i will be ordering with u again. Thanks xx

This one is definitely nice

Dealt with celebration cupcakes twice! Not only the cupcakes looked gorgeous that it was so hard to eat! But also they tasted amazing! Moreover the service was of high standard.. Thank you celebration cupcake


You create beautiful treats

Exceeds customer satisfaction

Good one! Thank you.

I loved what i ordered, it was light and looked like a real flower bouquet 💐 😍👌🏼

Breathtaking one

Spectacular one

Amazing absolutely

Wonderful 🙂

Totally rocks!, Looks goodly, Yum Yum! Great pic!

Very unique 😍❤️💐

Elegant 🌼💕

Keep on the good work!


Never lose your awesomeness!

Stunning one

Thank you they are amazing and they taste sooooo good 😍


😍 That looks amazing! 😃

Adorable one

💕 Subtle and pretty,,, This was for my baby and was great tasty and pretty flower

Spectacular one,, That’s what i call “awesomeness”

The Tast of cake is soft and its realy yummy and the cream is light Amaizing ,,thanks( Queen of Flower )

It’s sooooo cute and delicious thanks dear 👏🏻💕

It was delicious really yummy …thanks so much ..its always pleasure to deal with you 💙🌷💙

the cake was really brilliant 😍👌 thank u all💋

This is awesome

Absolutely brilliant

Brilliant! Best one so far!

This is really fascinating

Gorgeous! Love it!

These flower are yummmy,, These cupcakes are amazing😍👏👏👏

This is such an amazing concept 😍

I’m totally gonna order these cupcakes before my travel next month 😍😍😍

So pretty!!!! 😍


Wow like it!

I cannot thank you enough for the lovely and amazing bouquet! ! This was a big hit and everyone loved it ❤👌

Thanks so much for lovely efforts … the cup cakes were delicious 😋 😘😘😘😘

Ur work is stunning

This is wonderful 🙂

مشكوره حبيبتي صراحه الكل انبهر بالشكل ماشاءالله اهتمامج بالتفاصيل يشكك الواحد اذا البوكي طبيعي و لا كيك

Great taste with breathtaking presentation 💛💛 best customer service I have ever experienced 👌🏻best of luck dear😘💛

ابداع و شهي

So elegant and cute all my friends thought it real flower

I m proud to order from u Queen ,,Big thanks to Queen of Flower and Congrats to Bakitha

Stunningly beautiful!

Really the taste of your cupcakes so yummyyyyy wallah the best the best❤️❤️❤️❤️


They look like real flowers!

Everybody Loves the cupcakes Thay think the flower is real 💕 and i looooooove the creama not like other cakes only sugar it was
real yamiii 😍😍😍

High five for that!

Absolutely brilliant

This is awesome


totally fantastic!!!!!!

Delicious cupcakes and excellent service dear, thank you so much💕💕

I love this one bravooo

They were amaazing everyone thought they were real roses 😍😍

Thanks a lot for the wonderful cake… we all liked it so much…

Hii…your cupcakes are amazing…not just in looks but in taste…loved them..tho I ordered them to Alain but they came fresh and cool…they didnt get effected by the heat..honestly best service 😘

جميلٌ 💕,, Impressive!

A sweet and kind person has a lovely and delicious cup cakes that made up our Birthday.. We really loved it inside out❤️❤️❤️thanks alot

Thank u so much for this amazing gift yet to taste these amazing cupcakes but the packing is so awesome me and @sabaanaveed dont want to open it 😀 big thank i again for making it extra special

Nice. I love your feed. Nice life. Well done!

The most beautiful and elegant design 🌹🌹🌹❤️❤️

In love with this flower bouquet it’s so cute it a piece of art and you can eat it too because it’s a cupcake 😍😍😍❤️❤️ I tried it today and the taste as good as the look good lucks in your business dear

Cooperative and well presented service 👌🏼

Very innovative Ideas and perfect work!!! I really liked the cupcakes… Looks + taste! Mashallah 💕💕💕💕💕💕💕

It was my first time to receive a bouquet of flowers which I could eat 😋 Thanks to my family for the cake and thank u guys for the idea and the delicious cup cakes 💕😋🌹

Thanks a lot for most delicious and creative cup cake ever .. Best of luck 💕

That was the best cake I have ever seen ❣ thanks for making @najla_alzadjalicakes special 😙

They really are too pretty to eat 😍

Beautiful colors💛💗💖

ما شاء الله ابداع

Very nice, i like it too much dear and i will go for another one this weekend. Good job dear wish you all the best and waiting for new flavors🌟🌟🌟🌟🌟

Perfection.. mash’allah you’re soo talented 😍

That’s so cute i like your idea 😍👌🏻

I your cupcakes as a birthday gift for a friend..excellent customer service, the cupcakes looks so good, it was hard to believe that it’s cupcake 😍 really yummy too

Thank you SO much for the cupcakes!! They were soooo beautiful .. Everyone loved it!! And the delivery arrived exactly as scheduled.. Thanks again 💗 looking forward to order more pretty cupcakes!!

Ordered this piece of art, we loved it so much, really the details put on it is outstanding, and the delivery came on time, highly recommended for any occasion 🌹

Cupcakes are the best solution for those Sweet Cravings in the middle of the night 🌟🌟🌟

It was so lovely to have these cupcakes at my daughters wedding. They are both beautiful and tasty. And they attracted a lot of attention as the guests were fascinated with the amazing likeness to real flowers.

amazing work and so professional plus the taste was so so good we loved it, was really delicious , so glad I worked with you and I will definitely gonna order for the next Eid inshaAllah

When a Creative mind is mixed with cupcakes this is what u get 😍 I really LOVE you’re cupcakes keep going beautiful 💪🏻💕

Thank you for the DELICIOUS cupcakes, they tasted even better than how they looked!! I loved it so much and im definitely ordering again soon 💕

Thank you very much for the amazing cupcake , The best cupcake in Dubai so far , thanks again dear ❤️🌷

The art of showing your beloved how much you care

Thanks for the amazing idea , for the rich and delicious taste, for your help e in showing our love in a unique way and above all for the classy customer service… your work is nothing but a piece of art… well done … highly recommended

We loved the taste..it was sooooo yummy..the bouquet looked amazing..my guest would not stop admiring it and could not stop taking photos of it..thank you dear❤

Thank you @celebrationz_uae for the stunning cupcake bouquet. Those are not only cupcakes .. Those are cupcakes mixed with ART and happiness. It was just the perfect gift for the right person “M” ☁️🌸

Looks Gorgeous mashallah ❤️ I am a very happy customer ❤️🌹👍

All my friends thought that it’s real flower bouquet mashalla. Keep it up daring 💕

Absolutely beautiful. Love these

Wow! So cool and fun! Super cool! Legendary cool! Keep it up! You are instacool

Bright colors! Pure emotions… Clear feelings!

those cupcakes were amazing in look and taste 🌷💕 thank you dear you are really talented !

They look amazing but how do we eat them lol they look too good seriously do they stick to one another ? do we just pull them out

Thanks alllllot it was amazing cupcake it was very delicious and not that much heavy and sweetie which is 👌will make the next order soooooon

Thanks alllllot it was amazing cupcake it was very delicious and not that much heavy and sweetie which is 👌will make the next order soooooon

mashalla the cupcake bouquet is amazing. It’s not only a piece of art, it’s delicious too. The prices are reasonable too. Wish you all the best my dear. Highly recommended

عجيب الكب كيك كأنه حقيقي😋

Tastes reallyyyyy good… Looks amazing… Awesome service…. Thank you so much for the cupcakes!

What a nice presentation👌❤️. I can really say the creativity is there and the passion into perfection👏

At first time, when you see it, it’s like a real flower arrangement but when you come closer to it, you will realize that sweet cupcakes could be an alternative to fresh flowers now adays. What a brilliant ideas❤️

ood morning❤️… Looks amazing😍

Nice editions to ur cakes 👌🏻👌🏻

o my Gawwd! ! These look absolutely greatttt. Where is your shop located?

They are simply refined pieces of art, MashaAllah!

bsolutely gorgeous 😍

😍OMG that’s too pretty to eat, but I’ll find a way.

• no realy i am so impress wel done, beautiful 😀👍🏽👍🏽👍🏽👍🏽👍🏽👍🏽

i cant believe those are cupcakes 😱😍❤️

A chandelier illuminated with creativity and innovation 😍

Seriously? These are real cupcakes ? Wow ! I Had to look at them again and realize 😊 Amazing work ❤️

check out their page! Amazing valentine gift!

This is amazing! I thought those were real!

eck these out! 😄 I’m going to be your first customer for these if you make! 😄

these are gorgeous and I love the creativity put in!

This can only wow consumers… MashaAllah! May the hands that make them be blessed!

Wow..just read these are cupcakes..awesome !!

Just awesome! !!!

These are outstanding. What a beautiful and unique concept. 🌺

This is just so pretty!!!

I’ve always believed that my work (creating handcrafted bespoke bridal and special occassion accessories), demanded patience and precision, but have to say your cupcakes are amazing @celebrationz_uae


Thank you so much for the super amazing cakes !! A true piece of art which also tastes great !!! 👍😍 can’t wait to get more of these !!