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Cupcakes in Dubai

Cupcake Dubai

Cupcakes in Dubai

Is it a florist or is it a bakery?Are these flowers or cupcakes? While it may not be so easy to tell from a first look, in actual fact, these elegant flower bouquets from Sweet Celebrations are indeed CUPCAKES!

Sweet Celebrations Dubai opened its doors with a concept that is original, ingenious and unlike any of the larger food-based gift giving businesses. Designed to look floral, our bouquets are edible. Each and every cupcake flower is made fresh for every order and is hand-crafted to mimic the lovely color and design of natural flowers. In short, Sweet Celebrations Dubai is just what one could call “an edible florist”.

These cupcake bouquets are a unique way of making your celebrations more memorable as your guests can feast their eyes on lovely flowers and then actually feast on them as a delectable dessert.How about sharing these as a lovely gift for your loved ones?It would work for all kinds of occasions ranging from Mother’s Day, Weddings, Baby showers, Birthdays, a Get-well gift, or just a pick-me-up for a friend who needs a smile and a tasty treat. We offer a variety of flavors to choose from (chocolate, vanilla, Oreo, coffee, red-velvet).Staying true to the themes typical with a florist, these cupcake bouquets are designed with a focus on celebrations and gift-giving. As the business grows, more offerings may come in to play, but for now, our company strategy is to be the best “florist-cum-baker” in the country. We want to do this one thing really well.

Our true inspiration at Sweet Celebrations comes from being “in the business of caring” – our mission is to help people express their feelings of love and caring. It makes our day when we hear back from customers how our creative work is received by their loved ones with happiness and joy–some have even told us how our edible flowers have brought smiles to people who have not smiled in a long time (recovering from long illness). These stories of happiness and joy keep our motivation high – making a difference in people’s lives is part of what inspires new bouquets, new ideas, and a constantly growing collection of creative arrangements.

We offer a wide variety of cupcake designs, made possible by altering the flower types, colors and arrangements, all customized to the ambiance of your ceremony or gift occasion.When it comes to selecting the right combination to match your requirements, there are various options – be it in single flower cupcakes or in cupcake bouquets. Our designers at Sweet Celebrations make every effort to meet, even exceed customers’ requirements and aesthetic sensibilities. Sweet Celebrations is a creative shop concentrating on making simple, flavorful cakes with intricate, life-like edible tops. If you are not sure of which “flower-colour-bouquet” combination would be best for your event, our knowledgeable staff at Sweet Celebrations are skilled and helpful in suggesting appropriate arrangements.

A typical bouquet holds varying number of cakes and therefore can range in price. Since each cupcake top is hand-crafted, a lot of thoughtful art work goes into the creation of each flower – and into bringing these together into an impressive collage of edible and colorful petals.If you’re in need of just a few cupcakes, they are also sold by the dozen. Besides our signature “flower topped” cupcakes, we also serve “swirl” topped cupcakes that involve much less labour intensive art-work.

In the first stage of our launch, Sweet Celebrations is working as an online business, showcasing its premium products through its website and social media platforms (Instagram and Facebook). Photos of our latest designs are posted via these mediums every day and orders are taken via WhatsApp and through our website. Currently, we deliver to all cities across the UAE, and also give an option to our customers to pick up their order from our Bakery kitchen in Dubai. In future, our plans include opening shop fronts in key locations across the country.

If you are looking at making your event truly unique and memorable – or to give a gift that is sure to surprise and thrill your loved ones, then look no further. You are at the right place – our delicious cupcakes are a delightful addition to the dessert table. Be it your wedding or other special event, you can always add to its glamour by ordering our stunning cupcake bouquets. We bake all our cupcakes in our bakery from scratch, using the best, whole some ingredients. Cakes and icing both are made fresh every day.We know how important your event is. Therefore, we’ll do our best to give your guests a dessert they’ll never forget.

In a nutshell, our cupcakes are not comparable with any other across the UAE, on account of the uniqueness of their design, color combinations and delectable taste.Order yours today and we guarantee, you will feel special having been served with such an artful and delicious dessert.

Call us or shop online our sweet cupcakes flowers, bouquets or platters for your celebration in Dubai, Sharjah, Ajman, Abu Dhabi, Rak Al Khaima, Al Ain, Hatta, Fujairah, Umm Al Quwain.

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