Ramadan Kareem #10

We are offering a unique, amazing & memorable gift for Ramadan Kareem. 100% handcrafted with multiple choices of colors & flavors.

  • *Select cupcake size
    *Bouquet Size

    • 165 AED
    • 265 AED
    • 395 AED
    • 495 AED
    *Bouquet Size

    • 230 AED
    • 355 AED
    • 485 AED

    • 10 AED
    • 20 AED

Measurement Chart

Individual Cupcake (Size) πŸ”

Mini Cupcake Bouquet

6 Mini Cupcakes πŸ”
Width: 5.10″ (13cm) – Length: 5.30″ (13.5cm)

15 Mini Cupcakes πŸ”
Width: 7.75″ (19.7cm) – Length: 9.10″ (23cm)

22 Mini Cupcakes πŸ”
Width: 9.10″ (23cm) – Length: 10.25″ (26cm)

27 Mini Cupcakes πŸ”
Width: 10″ (25.5cm) – Length: 11.90″ (29cm)

Regular Cupcake Bouquet

6 Regular Cupcakes πŸ”
Width: 8.5″ (21.5cm) – Length: 10″ (25.35cm)

12 Regular Cupcakes πŸ”
Width: 9.5″ (24cm) – Length: 11″ (28cm)

17 Regular Cupcakes πŸ”
Width: 10.5″ (26.6cm) – Length: 12.10″ (25.35cm)


These cupcake bouquets are a unique way of making your celebrations more memorable as your guests can feast their eyes on lovely flowers and then actually feast on them as a delectable dessert.

How about sharing these as a lovely gift for your loved ones?It would work for all kinds of occasions ranging from Ramdan Kareem, Eid / Hajj, Father’s Day, Mother’s Day, Easter Sunday, Merry Christmas, Weddings, Baby showers, Happy, Birthdays, Halloween, Diwali, Valentines Day, National Day, a Get-well gift, or just a pick-me-up for a friend who needs a smile and a tasty treat. We offer a variety of flavors & colors.


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