Aster Rosado

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This cupcake bouquet is sure to bring happiness to your loved ones when you gift and share it with them. Consisting of peonies and aster cupcake flowers, it will add extra glamour to your special occasions.

  • *Cupcake type
    *Bouquet Size

    • 235 AED
    • 280 AED
    • 415 AED
    • 520 AED
    *Bouquet Size

    • 240 AED
    • 375 AED
    • 510 AED

    • 10 AED
    • 20 AED

Measurement Chart

Individual Cupcake (Size) 🔍

Mini Cupcake Bouquet

10 Mini Cupcakes 🔍
Width: 6.5" (16.5cm) - Length: 9.10" (23cm)

15 Mini Cupcakes 🔍
Width: 7.75" (19.7cm) - Length: 9.10" (23cm)

22 Mini Cupcakes 🔍
Width: 9.10" (23cm) - Length: 10.25" (26cm)

27 Mini Cupcakes 🔍
Width: 10" (25.5cm) - Length: 11.90" (29cm)

Regular Cupcake Bouquet

6 Regular Cupcakes 🔍
Width: 8.5" (21.5cm) - Length: 10" (25.35cm)

12 Regular Cupcakes 🔍
Width: 9.5" (24cm) - Length: 11" (28cm)

17 Regular Cupcakes 🔍
Width: 10.5" (26.6cm) - Length: 12.10" (25.35cm)


Suggested For:  Anniversary, Mother’s Day, Birthday, Father’s Day…..

This cupcake bouquet combines lovely peony and chrysanthemum flowers. Peony signifies “Nobility” and in combination with cheerful Chrysanthemums, is a perfect gift for celebrating life in a fun and fancy way.

Celebrate the noble and cheerful people in your life with this delicious combination of cupcake flowers.

Peony can be prepared in various colours e.g. delicate purple, peach, pink, etc.

2 reviews for Aster Rosado

  1. Priya

    Stunning by name and stunning in person. Hats off to Saima. I first came to know about these unique creations when admiring them in Mercato. Since then I knew these would replace the usual flowers and cakes I normally send to family and friends. The elegant beauty of flowers and the delicious taste of a cupcake combined in one…what more could one ask for! Keep up the exceptional work! Loving the fact you have an eggless option too!

  2. Arshad Tahir

    Thank you Priya for your feedback 🙂

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