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Sweet Cakes in Dubai

Sweet Cakes in Dubai

Sweet Cakes

“These flower cupcakes are absolutely beautiful to look at – and they are decadently delicious too!” This sentiment summarizes what we hear back from our happy customers.

You can order our beautiful flower cupcakes individually, or you can enhance their beauty by ordering them arranged in a bouquet – our guarantee is that they look deceptively lifelike and will resemble natural flower bouquets so closely that at first glance people will not be able to tell the difference. The whole ensemble looks stunning. You can order as many sweet cupcakes and cakes as you want for your special occasion. You can choose from a multitude of sweet cake flavors, including chocolate, vanilla, coffee, red velvet, Oreo, etc. Our customers share with us their joyful and amazing experience with this product – they appreciate both the great taste and the stunning appearance and tell us how happy they are at having ordered them for their special event. Based on all this happy feedback, we are confident that if you order these sweet cakes, theyWILLbe the most talked about dessert in your function.

Compared to other desserts, these flower cupcakes area class apart in glamour – their decoration, design, color scheme and floral ensemble is stunning to look at. Your guests will be all-praises for your unique choice and amazing aesthetic sense. We take immense pleasure in the fact that we become a part of your happy moments, and so, are keen to see you veer off the beaten track and try our bestselling sweet cakes and edible flower cupcakes.

Just imagine the delight of looking at flowers which actually turn out to be delicious sweet cakes.

You will find our customer service equally welcoming and friendly, from the initial consultation with you on the unique and customized requirements of your order, to the delivery of a high quality, premium product. Our delight in what we do shows in the pride we take in delivering a product of stunning quality.For our premium products we take only a handful of orders each day, in this way we make sure we are able to serve each of our customers with the personal attention at each stage of their order. When you work with us, you will experience how we go “above and beyond” in order to delight our customers.

Of all the happy things that we experience in our work, the happiest is when we hear back from our customers that Sweet Celebrations Dubai has made their event even more lively by adding its hand-crafted delicacies to their dessert table. We make it our business to seek feedback on the look and taste of our products from each customer – and are happy to hear back an overwhelmingly unanimous sentiment of approval and satisfaction. Many have lavished praise on the stunning quality of the cupcake flower arrangements – their testimonials are available for all to view on our website ( and at our social media sites (Instagram: celebrationz_uae; and FB: celebrationz). People talk about how much they love them and what a great idea it is. They tell is how their guests give an incredulous look when they find out that the centerpieces are edible – at first look, most people actually think they are real flowers.

You will be more than happy when you feature our edible flowers in the form of cupcake bouquets or sweet cakes at your next event – as a table centerpiece, as dessert or as a parting gift.You will find these arrangements absolutely stunning and unique. The attention to detail is superb,and the cupcakes are really delicious – this is what our happy customers tell us.

Are you the type of person that likes to always come up with something special, unique and different for your celebrations and festivals? Are you a generous host and love to fete your guests with the very best stuff?If you answer yes to these questions, then you are indeed a person of exceptional hospitality and taste – and you are exactly the type of person that can appreciates our unique and classy cupcake bouquets. You definitely need to take a look at our premium products. Give us a chance to serve you – and we guarantee that at first glance, no one will know that these flowers are in fact deliciously edible, and are handcrafted from our signature frosting. The flower designs look surprisingly real and the cupcakes are arranged meticulously to give a life-like appearance to the bouquet arrangement. Until they take a closer look, we can wager, most will not know that these flowers are actually frosting on cupcakes, not real flowers!

These sweet cakes are fast becoming everyone’s favorite. So, if you want to make any of your occasions special with a unique twist, floral designed sweet cakes and cupcake bouquets are the best choice. Just give us a chance to serve you with these gorgeous floral cakes and cupcakes for any celebration like birthday party, mother’s day, father’s day, merry christmas, valentine’s day, national day, official party, international day of happiness, wedding ceremony, friendship day and kind of occasion that you are going to celebrate, juse call us today to find out more details as we are very near to you 🙂

Call us or shop online our sweet cakes, cupcakes, cupcake-flowers, cupcake bouquets, cupcake platters for your celebration in Dubai, Sharjah, Ajman, Abu Dhabi, Rak Al Khaima, Al Ain, Hatta, Fujairah, Umm Al Quwain. We are the best company for sweet cakes in Dubai.

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