Our handcrafted edible CUPCAKE flowers are a sure winner – they look fantastic, and taste even better.

“Your celebration is our inspiration!”

Trendy Cupcake Bouquet - Dubai

Trendy Cupcake Bouquets

Our signature cupcake flower bouquet presented in Classic round shaped Vases. This is beauty that catches the eye combined with flavours that are delectable to the palette….

Cakes & Cupcakes company in Dubai

Premier Cupcake Bouquets

These Limited Edition products present our signature cupcake flower bouquets in unique and stylish arrangements. The same high quality art-work and delectable tasting cupcake flowers….

Stunning and Unique Gift - Cakes & Cupcakes in Dubai

Royalty Cupcake Bouquets

The Royalty bouquets are the essence of our artisinal handiwork. Radiant colours, immaculately crafted cream flowers and decadent tasting cupcakes….

Individual Cupcake Bouquet Dubai

Individual Flower Cupcakes

Even in a single cupcake, these flowers look gorgeous – a perfect give-away at your next event. You will love the life like art-work and the scrumptious taste….

Unique Cake Gifts

Fancy Cakes

Make your events, Birthdays, Weddings, Father days, Mother days, National day, Baby shower, Christmas parties & gatherings memorable with our stunning, unique, amazing & beautiful sweet cakes…..

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